Better Owl Monitoring

Barn Owls (Tyto alba) ecology is monitored in western Switzerland by putting up artificial nest boxes, which harbor almost all breeding individuals. When the owls nest, a wide range of physiological, physical or behavioral parameters can be measured in the adults or the chicks. However, to obtain these data we often have to catch the owls, thus inducing a light stress. The idea of this project is to monitor the movements of all the individuals all year round through a low-cost device, without any disturbance to the owls.

In collaboration with:

Call for Students

Are you a motivated and hard-working student wanting to take part in an extraordinary challenge? Join the team and help bring owl monitoring to the next level. Following challenges are open to you if you join today:

  • LoRa network range extension and testing.
  • Embedded software development on STM32.
  • End-user app development.
  • Application server development.
  • Citizen relations, communication and operations.