Project Overview


  • The Smart Nestbox must have a 3 month energy autonomy.
  • Industry standard RFID tags are used.
  • Must withstand harsh weather conditions (wind, snow, rain).
  • Low cost design using off the shelf components.
  • Easy installation and intuitive data extraction.

Project History

December '16
Project kickoff!
June '17
Revision 1 prototype assembled and tested.

October '17
Change of RFID technology, design revision 2.
December '17
Assemble revision 2.
February '18
Additial requirement: weight measurement.
March '18
First system-level tests of the prototype with outdoor nestbox and actual owls.
October '18
Beginning of batch production of 40 devices for a research project.

January '19
Installation of the 40 devices.


This project is open-source and open-hardware. Documentation is available on the Octanis wiki.